About Us

Incmedia is an acronym generated from inner city multimedia systems as hosted company or pioneer of the website incmedia.com.ng. Despite the fact that there are many places, sites, blogs to discover events incmedia did not only focus on media publishing a lone but on cyber culture as its driven force and backbone of its technology and business model. Cyber culture is a culture which emerges through the use of computer network to communicate, carry out business activities and entertainment, news videos and so much more which is essential. We are working so hard to make entertainment, business and communication much easier and simpler on a daily basis that is the reason why incmedia is an exceptional place or site to discover more about the culture of the internet where information is becoming more and more lucrative and valuable.

Upon years of brainstorming and focus imagination we were able to come up an agile, secure and reliable internet network that we remain optimistic that it will be great and amazing in the future. Our notion and mission is to create more opportunities at the finger tip of our visitors to make money through vendor ship and affiliate program to develop their business, have an online presence and to entertain their self,  have a lot of fun as one of the chief aim in life.

Incmedia is making a marketing ground for consumers to make better choices because of the reliability of the our marketing techniques and strategy in disbursing vital information to its visitors globally. Our unique model of business will always challenge us to make the most of your internet experience better, we put our visitors in our heart. We welcome you to https://www.incmedia.com.ng pioneered by Inner City Multimedia Systems.


To create an outstanding and exceptional web experience and services across the globe.


To shift from traditional culture of business, communication and entertainment to cyber culture in concurrence with information age.


To develop an agile, secure, and reliable cyber culture network.

About the chief technology officer

Incmedia is an invention of Mr. Noah  Alexander, a computer scientist and a passionate web developer, someone who loves entertainment and music production. Mr. Noah Alexander attended federal polytechnic bauchi were he studied computer science. He is an internet entrepreneur and his love for music is never a do away thing in his life. He believes music is the only thing that connects human soul together irrespective of race, socio cultural believes. As computers are making the world a global village, we use the internet to make our world a global city to model that human being cannot do without in the information age.

His application of programming concepts is a rebirth of incmedia, now a cyber culture proudly powered by Inner city Multimedia systems.